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Funding Options and Sources For Your Wheelchair

The wheelchair, an equipment to help paraplegic get greater freedom and independence, might be affordable to most families, but to some, this cost might be a whole year’s savings. If you are in need for some funding to help you get that wheelchair, this article is a good resource to help you out, as we discuss a few funding options and sources.

1. The Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers (RTS) also known as Durable Medical Equipment sales assistant (DME) are the professionals who sell, service, and maintain the functionality of wheelchairs. Being the expert in the industry, they know the US funding system well and can help a great deal to get funding for their customers. In fact, some of the larger RTS companies in the market even hire a funding or reimbursement specialists to help customers work with insurance companies and other suitable sources, depending on your circumstances, to get payment and claims. Currently, there is also a new trend for Managed Care Organization (MCO) and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) to refer their customers to the DMEs that they own.

2. Medicaid – a joint Federal State program to pay for medical services for eligible low income and unfortunate families can be also a source of funding for your wheelchair. The covered services and funding for adults may vary in the state you live in, nevertheless a comprehensive sets of services called Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) are provided for children till twenty-one years old.

3. Waivers for children who use wheelchairs known as “Katy Beckett Waivers” are also available in most states. This waiver allows low-income families to apply for a waiver. The waiver would makes the child qualified for Medicaid funding that can be used in combination with the family’s health insurance. Other kinds of waivers are also provided for the needs of children with other special diagnoses or disabilities.

4. Another important source of funds is Medicare. Medicare Part A covers you while you are in a health care facility, providing you with the necessary wheelchair and medical equipment needed. Medicare Part B covers a range of outpatient health care services like health insurance policy and this is the part of Medicare that pays for wheelchairs. Medicare has very clear guidelines about what type of wheelchairs one can buy namely – The wheelchair must be required in order to provide a safe and functional means to get around inside the house. The usage of the wheelchair must fit this guideline, as Medicare is only concern about funding wheelchairs for use within the home. Therefore all documentation, the letters of justification and the Certificates of Medical Necessity (CMN), must support and explain the need for the wheelchair within the home.

So now the first thing you need to do is, to determine which DMERC is responsible for your state. The DMERC Link will give you the toll free number for the DMERC for your state. Besides an 800 number, each DMERC has information in various formats to help you with any questions regarding equipment, a claim or an appeal.

These are the available options that Americans can use should they need any assistance in funding for a wheelchair and if the respective authority reckons that based on the individual circumstances, the applicant is eligible for the grant or benefits then he will get funds for the wheelchair.

Moses Wright is the webmaster of WheelchairUser.net. He provides more helpful information on Wheelchair, Wheelchair Ramps and Wheelchair Lift that you can learn in the comfort of your home on his website. You are welcome to reprint this article if you keep the content and live link intact.

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Types of Electric Wheelchairs

Most medical equipment supply companies offer a vast line of electric wheelchairs. The different versions will vary by size, weight capacity and other options. There are oversized chairs for bariatric (or obese) patients. There are smaller chairs for children and petite adults. There are also different seats, colors and footpads for chairs.

The options for electric wheelchairs can vary depending on a person’s needs. Some people need elevating leg rests (ELRs) to keep good circulation in the legs. Others might need an oxygen tank holder to carry portable oxygen tanks. People with ulcers and sores might need specialty seating.

Pride Mobility Products Corp., Invacare Corporation and Hoveround manufacture the three most common electric wheelchair brands in the United States. Although there are many different companies that manufacture this equipment, these three easily have the most popular brand name recognition.

Pride Mobility is a company that specializes in manufacturing power mobility devices and vehicle lifts. It is responsible for the Jet, Jazzy and Quantum lines of electric wheelchairs. The Jet series includes the Jet 3 Ultra, the Jet 2HD, the Jet 7 and the Jet 10 electric wheelchairs.

The more popular line is the Jazzy Electric Wheelchair. The Jazzy series includes the Jazzy Select, the Jazzy 1103 Ultra (which includes a seat lifting mechanism), the Jazzy 1121 and others. The Jet and Jazzy series combined represent the most common type of electric wheelchair on the market today. Pride’s third line is the Quantum series, which is tailored to high-end rehab and specialty needs patients.

Invacare is the overall industry leader for home medical products, which include everything from canes and walkers to home oxygen products to electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. When it comes to just power mobility products, they are probably behind Pride Mobility when it comes to market saturation.

Invacare is responsible for popular Pronto series of electric wheelchairs. The Pronto series includes the Pronto M50, the Pronto M51 the Pronto M61 and more. The Invacare Pronto series is well known for its durability. One nice thing about choosing an Invacare for your power mobility needs is that you will have nearly 15,000 independent medical equipment suppliers throughout the company that can assist you if you need to order parts or accessories.

The third most common brand name is Hoveround. Through its branding efforts, the company has made the name Hoveround synonymous with powered mobility equipment. Some people refer to electric wheelchairs as Hoverounds regardless of the brand. It is similar to how people often refer to tissue paper as Kleenex or soda pop as Coke.

Hoveround chairs are only available through the Hoveround Corporation. Although the company offers outstanding customer service and is one of the largest mobility providers in the United States, it can sometimes be difficult to get parts or accessories since you have to order direct.

Jackie Jones runs the informative Medicare and Medicaid Center. Do you have questions about a Medicaid enrollment, Medicare enrollment or some other government insurance question? Visit Medicare-Medicaid.com today for the answers!

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