Weight Loss and Green Tea Go Hand-In-Hand

One of the most common things that people believe to be very effective for weight loss is by drinking tea and enjoying green tea benefits. This is something that has long been practiced in the eastern parts of the globe, and is now slowly gaining attention from the westerners.

It is known to be very effective in keeping the body fit and healthy even without the need for a person to perform strenuous exercises on a regular basis. And this is one of the many reasons why a lot of people from different parts of the world are now getting addicted in the daily intake of regular consumption. But what really are the effects that people can enjoy from green tea? Here are a few of them that which you could surely enjoy.

For one, it improves the metabolic rate of the consumer’s body. This plays a very important role in making sure that wastes and substances are immediately released from the body as soon as they are digested by the stomach. This way, a person can avoid gaining so much weight, most especially if they enjoy eating so much.

Also, it has properties that make way for a calming effect. One of the reasons why people drink tea is because they want to feel relaxed in the morning as they start their day, and even in the afternoon after encountering different kinds of stress factors in life. And by drinking green tea, they can easily be able to feel this way because of the nutrient that can be extracted from the leaves.

But aside from other healthy teas, a lot of people are also considering the regular consumption of oolong tea. This is pretty much the same as green tea and black tea, especially since the leaves used in making them all come from the same plant. There is just a slight difference in the properties and effects that can be brought by oolong tea such as the blocking of fat absorption or the reduction of the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream, as well as some properties that are believed to fight certain types of cancer.

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Green Arrow Customization Homepage Review

GreenArrow is a customizable website. It also slightly steps away from the normal customized homepage sites by operating more like a social media site where users are allowed to invite friends, connect with them, and even share photos. This site allows users to manage all of their online activities from a central place with the management of emails, social media communication, photos, appointment books, events and so on. This is an independent customized homepage site. You must register or sign up for an account on their website. This gives you access to their easy-to-use user interface. You can customize the look of your account by changing the banner, by either using the photos available in their gallery or you may upload one of your own image from your computer , this is an equivalent of Facebook cover photo. The site uses an automatically generated logo for your account using the initials of your first and last name or you may use your own if you have. Your name appears as the title of your account. You may choose to change the font from the default calligraphy from a list of seven font styles.
User Interface
The site has a very simple format. It is not media-heavy therefore is loads very fast. Navigation from one tab to the next is easy. It has instructions on all customization functions, hence it is very easy to use. The site provides you with the option of using the images in their gallery or uploading your own. Upload takes a very short time and it provides a preview of any changes. This allows you to experiment with a few options without moving back and forth from the account and back to the editing page. This makes the whole process of customizing the outlook of your account very fast.
The default page of GreenArrow has nine tabs, excluding the homepage, which collate news and information for that particular category such as finance, technology, shopping and so on. The home page has news items on all categories.
The site displays information in four columns which allows display of large amounts of information at a glance. This is a good feature if you want to skim through to get what is interesting and what is not.
Supported Applications and Widgets
This site allows the user to manage all their mail boxes. It’s web based email client is heavily focused on email management to access all mails in one place. It supports all the major email service providers. It allows you to stay online in one page on several different email sites.
Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn are the only social media site supported by Green Arrow and it has widget
which streams in the latest photos from Flickr and YouTube but the display window of Youtube
is relatively small. Watching a video on this site will not be as enjoyable as using YouTube itself. You can
add an unlimited number of photos in it’s Album which you may share with your friends through a
feature called “get social”.
One of the best feature of this site is it’s Bookmark manager . This allows addition of an unlimited number of websites. You can bookmark any page you visit by simply clicking the bookmark tool what they call ArrowMark. It is unlike browser’s machine centric bookmark, once you save the websites with this ArrowMark tool, it is saved on your homepage bookmark database and you can use it in any computer or device, anywhere in the world.
Manage all your appointments, schedule events, and even save notes using a Notebook pad, an appointment book, an address book, or a photo album which are all supported by this site.
It has an easy to use user interface
It is free. All you need is to register for an account. It is web-based, which means you can access it anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet.
Since this site is web based, it does not interfere with other opened tabs.
It does not have a limit on the number of sites to add.
It uses relative amount of graphics. Works with any browser
It has too much default contents. The site has nine tabs on the major factors that affect our daily lives, Business, entertainment, technology, news and so on. All these tabs receive news articles from authoritative sites in those categories. The home page samples some of the news stories from all these segments. This might distract the user, especially those that lack time management skills.

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